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    Series Resistor between PSoC and Bluetooth Module

      My current design uses a PSoC3 and Microchip RN42 Bluetooth module. I haven't been using a series resistor on the UART lines between the two devices, but I see a lot of design that do use series resistors between digital communication lines. 




      Should I include series resistors between PSoC and BT module? Looks like the RN42 can handle a max of 5mA per pin.

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          Series R's are used primarilily in high speed digital routes


          to kill the over/undershoot generated by L in route, basically


          make L look incredibly lossy. If using your scope you see under


          and overshoot that exceeds specs then consider them.




          Usually they are picked for a specific layout, trial an error, but


          20 - 100 ohms typical values.




          Regards, Dana.