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    How to reduce power consumption below 1,7mA?



      For a new product we are evaluating the low-power characteristics of the BCM943362WCD4 module using the BCM943362WCD4_EVB with a HP AP.


      Using the “powersaveping.snip” the lowest we can go with a 102.4ms beacon a DTIM 1 is 1,7mA (1,9mA avg) which accordingly with the datasheet is just fine. Then, as mention in the powersave application note and in this post (How to minimise Wi-Fi power consumption (BCM43362)  while staying connected?), we tried changing the listen interval, the AP beacon interval and DTIM, but with no result, the lowest we can go is still the 1.7mA.


      It seems that we are missing something to make the MCU enter sleep mode in the inter-beacon time or that the FreeRTOS cannot determine when to go to sleep… following this reasoning we tried a different implementation of the power save snip that is attached, but still the same result. Is there any specific configuration to do to achieve this power consumption reduction? Any idea that could bring some light to this issue?


      Thanks, and regards