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    CY7c68013  win8 driver?

      i download CY3684Setup.exe .


      my device pid is 8888 ,vid is 2222.so i change cyusbfx1_fx2lp/winlh-win7/x64/cyusbfx1_fx2lp.inf .


      but it can not work.


      where to download the latest 68013 win8 driver?

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          Hi ,




          In Cy3684 DVK, we haven't provided drivers for windows 8. But you can use windows 7 drivers for windows 8 also. But if you want to get the USB-IF certification, with CYUSB drivers it won't pass.




          Try with the cyusb3 drivers. Download


          USB-Serial Windows Vendor Class Drive from the link "http://www.cypress.com/?rID=83110".




          When you want to use your own VID/PID you have edit the *.inf files. Once you edit the *.inf file the drivers will become digitally unsigned. In windows, you cannot use digitally unsigned drivers. For using digitally unsigned drivers you have to run it in test mode. (when you modify the *.inf file  you have create your own cat file also).







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             In Cy3684 DVK,i cant not find cyusb.sys programmer's reference.

                 in old cy3684_ez_usb_fx2lp_development_kit_15.exe.it has this file. in cy3684dvk,  can i use this file for my