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      I'm trying to use an ADC sigma delta which converts an analog signal with amplitude between 0-5 Volts. I don't understand how to set the ADC reference : in fact when I select the input range VSS-VDDA the reference automatically is set to 1.25 V , that is not the right value for me because in this way i would convert a signal with an amplitude greater than the reference. How can i do?Can someone  help me?

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          When you use Vssa to Vdd the internal Vref 1.024 V is not being used, the conversion


          is ratiometric to the Vdd supply.





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            Graphic did not post, attached.




            Also look at config graphic that shows you what the conversion range will be.




            Regards, Dana.

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               Thanks for the answer,


              I don't understand in which sense the reference is ratiometric?you mean that the input between 0-5 V is automatically ratioed to 4  in the way to have a signal between 0 and 1.25 V at the input of ADC? I question this because When i set vssa to vdd the reference showed in the component is 1.25V  that is VDD/4 in my case.

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                Ratiometric -








                Regards, Dana.

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                  Thanks for the answer . If i understood correctly from the document , once the input signal between vssa and vdd goes to the ADC , it is reduced by a resistior divider in order to fall in the dynamic 0-1.25V and in this way it is possible to use the 1.25 as voltage reference?

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                    Ratiometric in this case means that the input is referenced to the supply voltage. That is especially useful when the input signal is derived from the supply - e.g. by a voltage divider. Then changes to the supply voltage affect both the input voltage and the reference voltage, by the same amount. This increases accurany despite the supply voltage not being all that accurate.


                    If tthis is not what you want, attenuate the input signal using a resistor divider and then use the internal reference (don't forget to use a bypass cap).

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                      If you are looking for absolute accuracy then use Vref of 1.024 internal, as ratiometric


                      is anything but single measurement absolute accurate, as its ref is a f(Vdd). Unless


                      you supply the Vdd of PSOC with a precision reference.



                      In your case I recomend you use Vref of 1.024 and Vssa to 6.144 V (Vssa to 6*Vref)


                      for in put range to get absolute accurate Vssa - 100 mV to Vdda + 100 mV measure-


                      ment range.



                      Regards, Dana.

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                         Thanks Dana,


                        the final thing that i would like to know and i don't understand is that how it is possible to use an ADC reference of 1.024V and a signal that goes from vssa to about 6V? I mean for example If I have a signal of 4V , how the ADC will convert  this value whether  the maximum value it reads is the reference 1.024V?

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                          I believe it is done by controling charge transfer thru ratioed capacitors in the modulator,


                          but will confirm this by filing a CASE at Cypress.




                          Regards, Dana.

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                            Here is the results from tech support -








                            Hello Dana,




                            Yes, we have confirmation that the higher input range is achieved by reducing the modulator gain


                            through through reduction of the capacitor ratio.




                            Page 385 of the below linked PSoC3 Technical Reference Manual describes about this gain


                            configuration in the Delta Sigma modulator:




                            <a href="http://www.cypress.com/?docID=46233"> PSoC3 Technical Reference Manual </a>



                            Regards, Dana.