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    Cooee doesn't work ipad mini2   TP-Link WR842N

      IPAD mini2 version is 7.1.1. WR842N wifi is working in BGN mixed, channel and bandwith auto. IPAD mini2 send cooee setup packets. WICED can't capture any cooee packets. I use MACBook Air to capture these cooee packet. Plase check the attachment file 43362-cannot-monitor-11n.pcapng. You can open this file by wireshark. From the captured packets, data rate is 144.4 Mbps. I checked on IEEE 802.11n-2009 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, this data rate means MCS index 15, with 2 spatial streams, HT20, modulation type is 64-QAM. The cooee document say wifi must working in bgn mode, 1x1 and 20Mhz. Does that mean WICED can't capture these type of packets? Is it possible to configure 43362 to capture these packets? Or is there any method to configure IOS and Android send wifi packet in 1x1 mode?