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    Setup time violation emFile_1_Clock_1



      As mentionned in a previous topic, I get a warning after building my project:


      "Warning-1366: Setup time violation found in a path from clock ( emFile_1_Clock_1 ) to clock ( emFile_1_Clock_1 ).The static timing analyzer reported a warning. See the warning message for details. Additional information may be available in the timing report file." (see attached pdf)


      Should I worry about it? If yes, how do I fix it?


      Thank you.

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          You can read the report html file. But I found it hard to follow especially if it refers to some internal nodes of library componets.

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            Well, you skipped the interesting part of the timing report:

            The maximum frequency of emFile_1_Clock_1 is 45.888 MHz

            You can resolve that by changing, in the design wide resources, the Temperature Range, as defined in the operating conditions, to 0-85°. That gives the CyFitter process more room for optimization. If you really need the whole temperature range, you need to reduce the component frequency to 24 MHz.

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              Hi to everyone!


              I encountered similar problem while I was working with emFile module.


              The problem is that, when I set frequency to 66 MHz (max frequency for 5568LTI-LP039 controller)  I receive the following error:


              " Warning-1366: Setup time violation found in a path from clock ( emFile_Clock_1 ) to clock ( emFile_Clock_1 ). "


              I included pdf document concerning this problem, below this text.


              So, I'm interesting, is it possible to run processor on max. speed (66 MHz) without receiving that error.


              I have change the temperature range to 0-85 degrees, and that helped rising CPU frequency to approximately 62 MHz..


              When I was working with default temperature range, max. CPU frequency that I was able to achieve, without errors, was 48 MHz.


              If someone has any idea, It would be nice to hear it.



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                No, the emFile ciomponent  won't probably work with 66MHz clock. The timing report tells you the maximum frequency for it. According to the data sheet, its specified for 48MHz maximum.

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                          Ok, thank you very much, for your answer.