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    PSoC Today: USB / PSoC 3 pulse generator project and source code

      In an attempt to get these projects out the world at large, I have decided to post them to the community components forms.  Again, not specifically a component, this is the USB function generator application.  Source is included for the C# application as well as the PSoC 3 project.  Extra information is also included in the zip archive.




      This memo includes a PC based function generator, implemented on a PSoC 3 and controlled via a PC App over USB. The function generator app:


       Allows complete control over a dual output 16 bit PWM running at up to 66 Mhz.


       The PWM clock divider, PWM period, compare1 and compare2 values, and compare modes (LT, LTE, GT, GTE, E) can all be controlled via the App.


       Each output can be enabled or disabled independently, or the entire PWM can be disabled.


       The second channel‟s compare value can be slaved to the first channel.


       The duty cycle can be locked so you can change the frequency without worrying about changing the compare value.


       An optional duty cycle limit can be imposed (10% - 90%) on the compare values (preventing full on or full off, a useful safety feature when driving a switching regulator).


       The output can be dynamically switched between GPIO (P0[0] and P0[1]) or SIO pins (P12[0] and P12[1])


       When using the SIO, the output voltage can be either VDDIO or a variable voltage set by an adjustable DAC controlled via the application.


       Each output pin‟s drive mode can also be changed via the app: Strong, open drain drives low, open drain drives high, resistive pull up, resistive pull down, and resistive pull up/down can all be used.


      A big thanks to RLRM‟s generic USB HID app note. It was his simplified USB example that made this possible.