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    Read and plot data via USB (in PC)

      Hello everyone. I'm a newbie with PSoC, and I have a simple question (but with a hard solution, I think).


      I'm using PSoC 3 in my little project. I'm sending data from the SRAM (a variable in the code), through USB to PC. I can see the data with Cypress Suite USB, and I check it's correct with the LCD. Now, the problem is that I need to see the data like in an oscilloscope (it can be any signal: sine, triangle, etc.). I just need to plot the data that I can read with "Cypress Suite USB". I'm using bulk transfer, but I could change it in the case it's necessary.


      So, my question is: Is there an easy way for this?? I think the main problem is the communication, the way I get the data. The other part is to plot the data, it should be almost real time (no more than a second delay). I suposse I should make a program, but it could be very hard and long (I have never program a GUI, just with Matlab). I thought about Matlab, it could be very interesting (mainly for the plotting), but I have been reading about this and I think it's not possible to read data directly from an USB.


      Thanks for the help  :)