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    Development Board not Running Firmware after Programming

      I have the CY3214-PSoC-EvalUSB development board and I've been making the Capsense example (5.1 - My First Code Example) as outlined in the user guide that came with the dev board.


      I have been able to build and generate the project fine and even supposedly program the firmware onto the chip but when I power the dev board and try to press on the capactive pads/slider, nothing happens.


      I then programmed the capsense example hex file that came bundled with the dev board CD and that actually worked but when I try to program my version of the example (which should be the exact same as what was bundled with the board), that's when things don't work.  Am I just not creating the hex file properly?


      The target chip is the CY8C24894-24LTXI and I'm using PSoC Designer 5.1


      I've double checked the module parameters and the match what is specified in the user guide


      I've copied the contents from the provided main.c file into my main file (as specified in the guide)


      I've even cleaned and rebuilt the project hoping it would do something.  It didn't.


      The power jumper on the dev board is set to Vbus, which is where it should be


      The Dev Board page is here: http://www.cypress.com/?rID=37815


      The user guide is also in that page provided above.




      Thanks for you help!

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          Not obvious whats happening, but Designer 5.1 quite old, current rev is


          5.4, and each rev always fixes issues and updates components, so consider


          installing that.




          Also consider posting an archive fo the project for forum to look at -










          “Archive Project”


          Use Firefox or IE, not chrome to post.




          Regards, Dana.