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    Converting HEX file to iic

       I'm trying to create a iic with the following data










      its a USB boot eprom with CO/VID/PID/DID.




      Any idea how I do that? I try several ways with the hex2bix but couldn't get it to work.


      Attach is the hex file.





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          You have to write the firmware in the keil compiler  and while compiling it you can create a hex file as well as iic file. Please refer the attached document Chapter 8.




          You can call the command provided in the figure 8.3 from the command prompt also to create a iic file from the hex file.







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            I got bitten by an old version of hex2bix. Also, the readme in [Install dir]\USB\CY3684_EZ-USB_FX2LP_DVK\1.1\Utilities\Hex2Bix lacks the options needed here.


            The appropriate invocation should be something like this:


            hex2bix -F 0xC0 -V 0x7918 -P 0x0110 -M 16384 -I -O outputFile.iic sourceFile.hex


            There is no option to set the product version number. The first three flags are First byte, VID and PID. -M sets the size of the target eeprom and defaults to 8K. -I sets the output format as iic.



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              where is the file??