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    Abandoning the CDC


      Recently a group of Cypress Employees started to flood the forums with unasked-for contributions. This WILL make user-questions difficult to detect and follow-up because they are vanishing in the huge amount of these CDC-entries.


      I do not question the correctness and value of the contents supplied, but in my opinion of what a community / forum is, they are completely mis-placed.




      As a matter of fact I do not see a place of discussing, improving and exchanging experiences in the CDC any more and so I will not post (or even read) contributions here.




      Thank you, folks! It has been a splended time watching our knowledge about PSoCs to grow and prosper!!!




      Season greetings





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          The forum software really is terrible, and it seems to be running on a computer that is not nearly powerful enough to keep up with the community. I'd take a good mailing list over this forum any day but I'm oldschool that way.


          At the very least we need

          • Faster hardware for the forum
          • Better search functionality
          • RSS feeds (per-forum and sitewide)
          • Notification via email of thread updates
          • Forum software that works with Chrome on OSX
          • a JSON/REST/whatever API would be really good
          • Tighter integration with Google's search

          The list really does go on and on... I don't blame you for giving up.

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            There have been a lot of complains about this forum as long as I am registered here. Complains already have been made at several Cypress-departments, but as you can see: nothing happens.


            Lately (end of February) I happen to meet Mr. Joseph L. McCarthy, Vice President, Corporate and Marketing communications and talked about the forum with him.


            He not only claims to be responsible for this forum, he indicated that this forum is not what he wanted to have, he would like to have a "Customer Forum" and not a "Developer Forum" and so there will be not much (if any) effort to improve things here.


            I personally think that Mr. McCarthy is not quite right: When you need customers you can "breed" them. Every student getting in contact with PSoCs will value its performance and when he or she overcomes the initial difficulties with this product WILL be a customer in former times.




            Bob (still active in the forum, as you can see)

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              If this evolves into a "customer" forum it will still require working software.




              If you examine other vendors they serve both needs, Developer and Customer.


              Time to market, hence support, is order of the day. Precisely one of the reasons


              why PSOC so valuable, prewritten APIs lifting overall coding burden from designer =


              SUPPORT !




              Regards, Dana.

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                 I am confused. Who are the customers of a component supplier? They are the one who use the parts to build a product and they are product developers. 


                Do I missed something here?

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                  Or the forum sould be just a Q&A type where customer ask question and ONLY Cypress's staff to answer?

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                    I do not think that Mr. McCarthy puts any effort in "evolving" this forum to something. He made me feel that this forum was something he had to have but his focus was on completely other targets.


                    As a matter of fact Cypress sold billions(!!!) of PSoCs. Customers are companies with high-volume products like car-builders, household machines etc, even shoes have been produced with a PSoC within. Those Mr. McCarthy obviously considers to be "customers".





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                      most other manufacturers are actually taking proactive steps to nurchure a developer comunity. I guess if this forum gets dumped most people will go to PSOCdeveloper forum that used to be linked as part of Support&Comunity.