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    Async Flash Chip GPIO Advice

       Hey PSOC Community!




      I have started writing a driver for my first Async Flash Memory Chip, it features 2 8-bit busses, one for control signals and the other for IO.


      I have not had any trouble thus far with the control signals, but I have been having some problems with using the bi-directional IO. Namely, I really am not sure how I should configure the IO port. I am not having any problems writing out over it, but when I should be expecting input from the flash chip from it's ID register, I'm getting nothing.


      There seem to be a few options as far an configuring the port under the general settings, digital in/out, or I could choose bi-directional. The drive mode is the part that is giving me the most problems, there are quite a few options and I don't really know how to pick the correct one. I have tried experimenting quite a bit trying to find the right one, but at this point I feel like it would be best to really understand what is going on.


      I have read through the application notes and data sheets regarding the GPIO, I think what is stumbling me now, is that I am having a hard time figuring out from the data sheet how the flash chip is supposed to be driving the PSOC's pins when the flash chip is in output mode.


      Also, as an added note, I am providing my own voltage for Vddi0, the chip has a supply of 1.8v which I am also giving to Vddio, which is serving as the supply for ports 4 and 0. I am assuming that it will consider 1.8v as the max logic level on these two ports and not 3.3v in this configuration.


      I really appreciate any guidance or help that you guys can provide, I have learned quite a bit from here so far!