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    antenna selection?


         I'm not very satisfied with the antenna provided on the module, how can I choose other kind of antenna? What specs should I look at? Thanks.

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          What module are you talking about?

          There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind here. Antennas form part of the FCC antenna structure so you may (or may not) be allowed to change an antenna. The antenna that is there may be the way it is due to regulation.

          That all said, at ACKme we have a number of modules (released or not released) that may address your concerns. So,... what module are you referring too?, what dont you like about it? and what are you looking for?




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            Hi Nick,


            I'm referring to the WCD4 antenna, which is quite bulky. What I would prefer would be a microstrip antenna. In term of FCC antenna strcture, can you elaborate a bit? Also, due to the microstrip antenna's shape, would it affect the sensitive or radiation??Thanks.


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              I still dont know what module you are referring to?



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                You are free to use the etch antenna on the evaluation board along with Broadcom radio.

                If the chip antennas are in interest, there are many more to chose from. Please follow their design constraints.

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                  Nick, Jesse is referring to the fractal antenna on the BCM943362WCD4 WICED module.


                  Jesse : There are a lot of different types of antennas that can be used on modules. The antenna shape, size and type impacts radiation efficiency & gain.

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                    Hi Jason,


                    We're more keen on microstrip antenna rather than discrete ones. But I'm wondering what will be the drawback of it.