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    Automating Minipgrog3 using perl script

       Hi all,


      I tried to automate my PSoC3 chip using miniprog3 Programmer. I used perl script that avail with the installer in that im getting interrupted with an error that 




       "Please, connect two PSoC3 devices or one PSoC5LP on JTAG chain. This example supports such default configuratuins.\r\n".


                       "If above statement is correct, then please check:\r\n".


                       "1) For PSoC3 chain ensure that DEBUG_PORT = JTAG (or SWD) in Custom NVLs.\r\n".


                       "2) For PSoC5 LP chain ensure that DEBUG_PORT = JTAG (or SWD) and DEBUG_EN = ON in Custom NVLs.\r\n".


                       "These options can be set in PSoC Creator project and reprogrammed by PSoC Programmer.\r\n".


                       "\r\nIf all above is correct but you need to support different number of device on JTAG chain, \r\n".


                       "then please update this example correspondingly.";




      So hope this program cant help me anymore to automate my device coz i have only one PSoC3 devices. So anybody share me a perl scipt to program my one one PSoC chip


      I have attached the program along with that.