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    UART interrupt configuration



      I'm testing UART RX interrupt in PSoC3.


      I set UART configuration as attatched files.


      After this, I don't unserstand why UART_1_RX_INTERRUPT_ENABLED is not changed to (1u).




      #define UART_1_RX_ENABLED                     (1u)
      #define UART_1_TX_ENABLED                     (0u)
      #define UART_1_HD_ENABLED                     (0u)
      #define UART_1_RX_INTERRUPT_ENABLED           (0u)
      #define UART_1_TX_INTERRUPT_ENABLED           (0u)




      So, I changed UART_1_RX_INTERRUPT_ENABLED to (0u) and get the error message as below.


       - ERROR: .\Generated_Source\PSoC3\UART_1.c:342: 'UART_1_RXInternalInterrupt__INTC_NUMBER': undefined identifier
       - ERROR: .\Generated_Source\PSoC3\UART_1.c:365: 'UART_1_RXInternalInterrupt__INTC_NUMBER': undefined identifier


      Sure, I know UART_1_RXInternalInterrupt__INTC_NUMBER is not defined.




      How can I use UART RX interrupt?


      I don't know.