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    How can I create a TCP Server with SoftAP mode using WiConnect?

      TCP Server + softAP


      This application uses two ACKme modules each running WiConnect, a serial API that sits on top of WICED, to demonstrate how to create a TCP server + softAP.

      Module 1 is a server configured to start the softAP interface and the TCP server feature on boot up.

      Module 2 is a client configured to use the wlan interface and the TCP client feature to connect to the Module 1 softAP and TCP server.

      Note: The full article and others can be found here: ACKme | How can I create a TCP Server with SoftAP mode?

      Module 1 - TCP Server Settings

      WiConnect Commands (Module 1)Description
      set softap.auto_start           true 
      set softap.dhcp_server          true 
      set softap.ssid        tcp_server_ap  
      set tcp.server.auto_interface softap 
      set tcp.server.auto_start       true 
      set tcp.server.idle_timeout      300 
      set tcp.server.connected_gpio     22 
      set tcp.server.data_gpio          21  
      <- softap auto starts on reboot 
      <- DHCP server is enabled 
      <- Set softAP name  
      <- TCP server uses softAP interface 
      <- TCP server auto starts on reboot 
      <- Don't disconnect clients quickly 
      <- GPIO indicates client connection 
      <- GPIO indicates data is available  
      <- Save settings to flash 
      <- Reboot the module

      Example TCP Session

      Module 2: Wi-Fi + TCP ClientModule 1: softAP + TCP Server
      > set wlan.ssid tcp_server_ap 
      Set OK > 
      > tcp_client 3000 
      [Associating to tcp_server_ap] 
      [Connected: 0] 0 
      > write 0 13 
      <hello server!> 
      > stream_poll 0 1 
      > read 0 100 
      hello server! 
      > stream_poll 0