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    Real time Streamining of information

      Hello People,


      I've used 16 bit ADC,DMA,USBFS,& Amux for converting an analog  signal from sensors continuously send the through USBFS to the PC.I've enabled the DRQ hardware request of the DMA and connect it to the ADC EOC so after receiving the request from ADC, DMA channel reads 2 bytes of data from ADC output register & write them to the destination RAM buffer and increment the destination address by 2. and then do this again and again for every conversion of the ADC so the next TD will be the Same TD[0].Q1:The maximum transfer count for a single TD is 4096 bytes Does using using the foregoing configuration can affect continuously sending or after 4096 my conversion stops?




      For streaming this data the type of transfer used is Isochronous which are intended for streaming data to a host through a constant and real time stream of prenegotiated bandwidth on the bus.Q2:How to do the sychronization between the source and the sink to maintain a constant and uninterrupted flow of data from device the buffer to the PC?