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    PSOC Creator install fails

      When installing PSOC creator 3.0_SP1 It goes OK until I'm asked to agree to the terms of service.  A few minutes later I get a window that says "PSOC Creator Installer has stopped working" and it terminates.  I got the registry cleaner from support, that did nothing.  I'm running Windows 7 Home premium on an Intel Core I-5-2320 with 8 GB of ram.  I have seen some development systems that can't handle multiple processors, but there's usually an option to lock them to one CPU.


      PSoCCreatorSetup_3.0_SP1.exe is the file name as downloaded?  Could that extra dot in the 3.0 be making it barf?

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          My PC-configuration looks quite similar to yours and my installation ran quite satisfying.


          So I would check the internet connection which is required for installation. Are you using a proxy? Is your pc allowed to access internet during installation? Are you running the install (I always do so) with admin rights?





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            ... btw: I could find in my archive the multiple dots in the filenames since Creator 2.2 and that didn't hinder installation.





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              Full time inernet connection, no proxy unless you count a Linkys E1200 router.  I forgot to mention that it's Windows 7 64 bit if that might matter.  I do have Code Composer Studio from TI, MPLAB from Microchip,  Freescale Code Warrior, and a few more, all of which run just fine.  Maybe too many versions of Eclipse?

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                I'm logged in as an administrator all the time, but I'll try the right click, run as admin trick once.

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                  Nope, same thing.  PSoCCReatorInstaller.exe has stopped working.  Guess I'll just put the development kits in the closet and wait for version 3.1 or 3.2.  Older versions install OK, and remove OK too.  The registry cleaner says there's no Cypress software on my system whn I start an install attempt.

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                    This is rather odd, since there must be some thousand working installations. I'm sure, but just for completeness: you probably switched off your av-software during install.


                    I sometimes have an issue with win7 concerning z-axis of windows. I remember that I had problems with an install and a window popped up that I had to answer, but it was hidden behind another (larger) window which could not get the focus or get moved because of the other one. Was only clearable (afair) with Alt-Tab selecting.


                    Did you try


                    Install on a different machine?


                    re-download and run a filecompare?


                    running regedit and search for "Cypress" or "Creator"?


                    I would not give up if I were you, Cypress can help you by remote accessing your PC, ask technical support within your MyCase.









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                      To create a technical case at Cypress -








                      “Technical Support”


                      “Create a Case”




                      You have to be registered on Cypress web site first.




                      Regards, Dana.

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                        Bob, I'm sure it's related to something else I have on my system, the trick will be finding it.  I downloaded the exe file installer, 600 or so meg, and the .iso image file and built a dvd to install from.  Both choke in the exact same place.  The Akamai download manager was the only unusual thing happening in the install before I found the way to not use it.  It insisted that I remove trusteer end point protection before it would proceed.  Trusteer end point protection was installed by my bank as identity theft protection after a large data breach and I don't see what it could have to do with the download manager, but that's been bypassed anyway.

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                          Last try could be to start up windows with just the needed drivers and then perform an install, this could take some time since the system will be rather slow, but will circumvent any background service spoiling the install.