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    Segger GUIBuilder


      I am very excited about this GUI emWin library and have been poking through all the documentation.


      I see no mention of the GUIbuilder application in the Cypress documentation, so am I correct in thinking this is not part of the licensing deal?



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          please check out Segger's website. In the price list for all emWin related items emWin WM/Widgets are a separate product. It is not included in the package provided for free by Cypress.



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            The post from Robert is NOT correct.  The emWin library provided for free by Cypress includes most of the packages that Segger offers as separately licensed pieces of emWin that can be supported on the PSoC 3 and 5 architectures.


            In the case of PSoC 5 most of the options are included including the Window Manager and Widgets.  There are a few options that aren't practical due to pin or memory limitiations.


            In the case of PSoC 3 the Window Manager and Widgets can not be supported by the processor architecture and are therefore not available for this specific architecture.  This is not a licensing restriction, but instead a technical restriction.


            In the download of the emWin library from Cypress there is a datasheet that describes exactly what is supported by each architecture (Documentation/emWinGraphics_v1_0.pdf).  The table in the Functional Description section lists each option and the support for PSoC 3 and 5.


            The GUIBuilder application was not part of the Segger package that was licensed.  This is a tool that automatically generates C files to generate a GUI.  Cypress will look at the possibility of including this in a future version of the tool.

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               Thanks bjbu,


              I thought that may be the case that it was not licensed, but I figured I would ask anyway. I had previously used the GUI builder with some NXP cortex parts and made it easy to visualize the layout.

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                        Hi! Decided to revive this thread. Any updates on including GUIBuilder like NXP has? Also, can we expect that Cypress will regularly update the emWin library? Segger and NXP are at version 5.2 in the meantime. Or is the Cypress license somehow frozen at 5.0??? Thank you! Regards, Anguel