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    Imoprt module help

       Hi all




      Please help me how to import this specific module from      http://www.psocdeveloper.com/tools/misc-dev-tools.html specialy Random Number User Module.




      Im use CY8C29466 and new Designer 5.4 - import module not working for this Random module (error message - can not find Custom User Module manifest file)




      This is very interesting module please help me many thanks





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          This is tedious but you coulld import this into its orginal Designer version,


          print datasheet, and then replicate in 5.4. You would also have to port code


          out of the old version of designer.




          Alternatively file a CASE at -












          “Technical Support”


          “Create a MyCase”




          Regards, Dana.

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                    Dana thanks info Is possible download old Designer ? This module is great and new Designer not included equivalent true random module. Thanks help with this (this module will be interesting for more Psoc1 users) Kamil   
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              Old versions of PSOC Designer here -








              In PSOC Designer 5.4, menu Help, Documentation, Designer Specific Documents,


              there is a doc UM Customization Guide that may be of interest.



              Regards, Dana.