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    CY8CPLC20 LV evaluation kit (CY3275) : BER and API function PLT_Poll



      We are doing some tests on the quality of the communication between 2 CY3275 devkits.


      In order to check the packet error rate, I've set the following registers : Rx_Overwrite = 1, this way the rx_packet_dropped status flag won't trigger, and TX_Retry = 0. With this register setup, we are able to detect transmission errors on each invalid CRC. (no ACK on error).


      With this method, I filled each payload with 31 data Bytes (total packet size : 39 Bytes) and transmitted at a bitrate of 2400bps. For 1000 packets transmitted, I have at least 1 lost packet. Is that normal, for a link which is only 1 or 2 meters long ?


      => 1 packet on 1000 : with the hypothesis we have at least 1 fault bit in the fault packet : BER = 1/(39*12*1000) = 2,1e-6


      Another question : in the API provided by Cypress, almost all functions are defined, and I can easily find the source code for each of them. But i can't find the definition and source code of PLT_Poll() !! And i would like to know how this function works.


      Thank you