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    FM25L256 read write

       Dear All Please advice




      How can I read and wtite FM25F256 FRAM


      Who is the manufacture of the this FM25F256 Fram


      Is it obsolided model?


      Thanks in advance

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          At top of this page there is a "Part Search" window. enter "FM25*" (without the quotes) and search for. There are no obsolete parts within this category.


          You may select your required part and then directly click on "Datasheet" to retrieve your needed informations.





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            Thanks for the reply     



            I checked the datasheet but it dose not have the sample code     



            It would be much appreciated if you can direct me any location which contains sample codes




            Thanks in advance

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              Not as easy as to ask for. The memory chip has got a SPI interface which is hardware and must be routed correctly.


              Coding depends on your processor, your IDE and your choosen language, all things nobody here knows about.


              I would suggest you to:




              1st Build a SPI interface to your fram


              2nd Program SPI to read fram's status register


              3rd Set the Write Enable Latch (WEL)


              4th verify success with 2nd


              Now you can write and read to your fram