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    ADC Full Scale on PSoC3 CY8C3846AXE-176


      Hi to All,


      I'm using the DS ADC in single-ended mode, 13-bit resolution, internal 1.024V reference, input range from 0 to 6*Vref, buffer mode tuned to R/R and the buffer gain set to 4. The ADC is fed  with a constant 1.3V DC.


      This setup should force the full range on the ADC, therefore 8191 lsbs (in fact around 8520 triggered by the compression/expansion mecanism in the modulator which is explained in the datasheet of the component).


      However the displayed value stops at 6200 lsb even if I sligtly increase the input voltage.


      On the other way if I go down to 0V (very closed to the analog floor) , the ADC is able to display 2 lsbs.


      Any clue or idea about this behavior?