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    Does WiConnect support multiple TCP clients?

      Following our previous post that discusses How does WiConnect offer TCP client capability?, we have expanded the question to ask...

      Does WiConnect support multiple TCP clients?


      ...and the answer is YES!


      WiConnect sits on top of WICED and the following example shows how to use it to allow multiple TCP clients.

      This example uses one ACKme eval board and the ACKme 'WiConnect' serial API.

      Multiple TCP Clients


      This application uses the WiConnect TCP client command to open 4 simultaneous TCP connections to a TCP echo server on the internet (WiConnect actually currently supports up to 8 simultaneous connections!).

      The TCP echo server, located on the internet at test.ack.me:50007, simply echoes all received data back to the WiConnect TCP client. Once each connection is established, stream_write is used to send data to each connection stream in turn. With all data sent,stream_poll is used to check for received data on connection streams, and stream_read is used to read data waiting on a stream.

      The full article with commands can be found here: ACKme | Does WiConnect support multiple TCP clients?

      UPDATED (Feb/25/2015): This article has been updated to move the echo server port from 7 to 50007

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