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    usbuart pRoblem

              Hello I am using a CY7C64215 chip usbfs, I'm using the module USBUART this chip I use to set parameters via USB and then use it in field.The program which should do is while you are not connected to the computer executes certain tasks and when connected to the computer should only purchase and store values in E2PROM but when I connect to the compu get an error and the com port is not created. attached my code Regards   
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          The USBUART_Init function takes care of USB enumeration and setting the USB configuration . 


          THe host will send GET DESCRIPTOR commands to get the device information and the device should reply with the  Device descriptor info during the enumeration process .


          I tested your project . The device is not responding to Host's get descriptor commands and stalling the Endpoint . That is the reason why USB device is not being recognized .


          I commented all th code inside the while loop while(!USBUART_Init()) and the device was recognized .