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    Problem with designer






      I have got a problem with psoc designer. When I press F6 ( generate/build my project ) i get these errors:






      Starting MAKE...


      creating project.mk 


      name translation failed on C:/PROGRA~1/Cypress/PSoC\ Designer/5.2/Common/CypressSemiBuildMgr - 3


      name translation failed on C:\PROGRA~1\Cypress\PSoC - 2


      name translation failed on Designer\5.2\Common\CypressSemiBuildMgr\tools\include\CY8C29000 - 3




      !E lib/adcinc.asm(21): file 'm8c.inc' not found in current directory or in include path(s)




      !E ADCINC.inc(14): file 'm8c.inc' not found in current directory or in include path(s)






      !E lib/adcinc.asm(197): no such mnemonic 'M8C_SetBank1'


      !E lib/adcinc.asm(200): no such mnemonic 'M8C_SetBank0'


      !E lib/adcinc.asm(229): no such mnemonic 'M8C_SetBank1'


      !E lib/adcinc.asm(232): no such mnemonic 'M8C_SetBank0'


      C:\PROGRA~1\Cypress\PSoC Designer\5.2\Common\CypressSemiBuildMgr\tools\make: *** [lib/obj/adcinc.o] Error 1


      C:\PROGRA~1\Cypress\PSoC Designer\5.2\Common\CypressSemiBuildMgr\tools\make: *** Deleting file `lib/obj/adcinc.o'




      Example_CharacterLCD_User_Module - 8 error(s) 0 warning(s) 02:29:42

          Any solution? Thank!! and sorry for my english :(