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    CyPLL_OUT_SetPQ(uint8 pDiv, uint8 qDiv, uint8 current)



      I have a question regrading the following functions third inpur parameter, current. The function is implemented in CyLib.c.

       CyPLL_OUT_SetPQ(uint8 pDiv, uint8 qDiv, uint8 current) 

       In the function header, it is mentioned that,

      * uint8 current:
      * Valid range [1 - 7]. Charge pump current in uA. Refer to the device TRM and
      * datasheet for more information.


      Unfortunately I could not find much detailes on the TRM regrading this. If anybody has come accross the details, if it is possible please share it here. Further, if i set it to 5, is that means this current is 5uA?