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    Low power in Alt.Active, RTX tick-less mode




      I want to express my respect to the Cypress development team for a very interesting product, programmable SoC, which is now gaining immense popularity in the market. Many industrial solutions are based on this system because of its versatility. Our team is engaged in development of sensors based on the system PSoC 5LP and we want to make your system more profitable for developers terms of ease of operation and energy efficiency, as energy efficiency is one of the most painful issues for embedded devices.


      We ported RTOS CMSIS-RTX on PSoC 5LP and want to use tick-less mode, it will allow the system is in low-power mode all time when do not need to perform any actions. In order to use RTX Tick-Less mode, we must set the timer with period in ms so how can sleep RTOS. This need to wake up from sleep timer's interrupt. Because of these reasons it is impossible to use existing low-power modes Sleep and Hibernate. So we decided to look in more detail at the mode Alt.Active. I hope you can help us to understand this.


      1. Is it possible using Alt.Active mode to achieve the same low power consumption as in Sleep mode?


      2. How to minimize power consumption in Alt.Active mode? It is very important that the wakeyp source was an interrupt.


      3. What happens to the PSoC by setting lp_mode bits in the register PM_MODE_CSR?


      4. Do you have any examples of usage Alt.Active mode at minimum power?




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