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    BCM20732S running SPP


      I have a healthcare customer who wants to run SPP over BLE, basically currently they run a serial protocol over USB to download diagnostics from their medical device.


      I see that connectBLUE have an implementation of SPP over BLE but my customer prefers the Broadcom module as its price is excellent.


      1) Are there any implementations of this - does anyone have any reference code ?

      2) Are there any SW developers who offer a design service for this ?




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          As you may already be aware, SPP is an RFCOMM based profile for Classic Bluetooth BR/EDR connections only; according to our applications team, SPP over BLE is not theoretically possible.


          However, they did go on to say that it's quite possible to implement a “SPP like” connection and pass data between 2 BLE devices, but the end result would be that the system would not be interoperable; this should not be a problem if your customer is on both ends of the connection, for example, an application on the iPhone and a device.


          Unfortunately, we do not have any pre-made code develop for this application.

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            Hi ,

            Yes my customer will have control over both ends, mobile phone and the equipment with the SMART module in it.

            Thanks for your help - I am looking for a consultant to develop code for the app if anyone wants to talk.



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              ACKme Networks can certainly help. Lets talk offline.

              In order to start the dialogue can I ask you to go to this page ACKme Networks Ticket Tracking

              This will allow you to give me your contact information without publishing it here in the forums....