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    filter implementation

       hi all,


      I am trying to implement low and high pass filte using Filter 2.20 component.


      Channel A is a low pass filter where takes 16 bit ADC data Filter_Write16(Channel_A, ADC_Sample)


      and Channel B is a high pass filter Filter_Write16(Channel_B, Filter_Read16(Channel_A))


      Its strange than Filter_Read16(Channel_A) shows some numbers and Channel_B doesn't. 


      Also, I am getting not proper filtered output on Channel_A.




      Filter data enabled Polled one

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          You might consider posting project -








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          “Create Workspace Bundle”


          Use Firefox or IE, not chrome to post.




          Note, you are in wrong forum I think, should be in PSOC 3 or 5 forum. 




          Regards, Dana.