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    Correct way to emit 'x' internal clock pulses on a physical pin?


      I have a situation where I am trying to clock out an exact number of pulses from a design-wide clock to an I/O pin. (this is part of a hardware SWD block I'm designing.)  I am selecting the desired I/O pin with a demultiplexer and my first idea was to use a UDBClkEn block with a counter to gate the design-wide clock resource out to the physical pin.




      Unfortunately this does not work, because the UDBClkEn block can only drive UDB clock input nets and since I am driving an I/O pin through a demux this obviously won't work.




      I could drive a D FF but the output clock would be 1/2 of the desired clock. I could create a clock that is 2x the frequency of the design-wide clock but then I'm not guaranteed that it's synchronous. I could use a DDR block but PSoC doesn't have DDR primitives. I could just use an AND gate to gate the clock but now I have to worry about runt pulses.




      What is the correct way to route a specific number of clock pulses from a design-wide clock resource through an I/O pin?