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    2.8" TFT color module won't work with 8-bit parallel interface and SEGGER emWin files




      PSoC5 connected to D8-D15 of a 2.8" TFT color module using it as 8-bit parallel interface. Controller is ili9320. Control lines connected accordingly. The TFT module is coming from the STM-32 Mini development board.


      Cymodule: Graphic LCD 8-bit Parallel Interface Macro, customized for 8-bits and 3 ClockCycles Low/High pulse width.


      Added the SEGGER emWin files to my project according the Cypress installation procedure.


      I have added de register initialization settings to the LCDConf.c file at the InitController function.


      No errors after building the project but also nothing on the screeen. I only see the RESET function (Light OFF and ON).


      Has anyone experience with this type of TFT display or even better has this thing working.....?


      I hope to get some suggestions to look after to get my TFT working because I tried everything what comes up in my mind (!).