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    Really Need Your Help-- Can I connect my sensors to GPIOs directly in PSoC5? Thank you!!!

            Hello everyone,   
           I'm trying to apply PSoC 5LP: CY8C58LP Family to my sensors system.  But I have no idea whether the sensors can match the GPIOs.   
           There is a High Impedance drive mode of GPIOs. But I can't find any value of how high they can be from the datasheet.    
      Here are our sensors specifications:
      The sensors are designed by us by putting a piece of plastic foil between two pieces of metal foils and gluing them together. It’s used as pressure sensors. The peak to peak output voltage with touch is about 400 mV. The peak to peak output voltage without touch is about 30 mV. The average output voltage with touch is 16mV. The average output voltage without touch is 9mV. The output impedance is 30 meg ohm. 
      Could you please give some ideas of how to verify these specifications and see if I could directly connect the sensors to PSoC? 
           Thank you so much! Looking forward to your reply!   
          My mail address is mmrnc@mail.missouri.edu. I'm so glad if you could reply my post or send me mail.