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    Miniprog3 programming without COM

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                  Is there any possibility to program a PSoC with a Miniprog3 out of a C program without using the COM-Interface?   
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            The COM interface was just created for accessing the MiniProg3 from C#.


            You could use a command-line interface and afaik there is a phyton interface.


            So my question is: What do you want to perform (and why).





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                      The Miniprog3 will be used in a PCB test environment. The PCB to test has to be programmed by the Miniprog3 during the test process. This should be done automatically by a the testprogram written in C. A possibility to achive this would be to write a wrapper around the COM Interface and create a DLL. In the testprogram itself, I am not allowed to use C++.   
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                what language are you allowed to use on the testsite? And which OS??





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                  Reading your post more thoroughly give me some more thoughts:


                  You need a test-equipment where the miniprog is connected to. This HAS TO run windows and you need the Cypress Programmer software to access your MiniProg. On this test-equipment you may usually run any language and of course C++ accessing the COM interface.


                  Additionally you need the PCB-testprogram(s) that will be downloaded to the PSoC by using the MiniProg3. This program must be written in C and this program has to show by any means the result of the testing. When some setups have to be made by the person performing the test, a visual feedback has to be made, have a look at the "Bridge Conrol Panel" that can be programmed for these purposes. This C-program is not aware of the MiniProg and cannot access this hardware. You may additionally consider to use an I2C-USB bridge (CY3240 www.cypress.com/ ) that can feedback information from the PCB under test to your test equipment. The similar can be achieved by using a USBUART component on the PCB and an USB-connection to your test-equipment,





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                    Consider filing a CASE to see if you can get support for the windows


                    source/driver for Miniprog3.








                    To create a technical case at Cypress -








                    “Technical Support”


                    “Create a Case”




                    You have to be registered on Cypress web site first.




                    Regards, Dana.