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    A word of thanks to contributors




      Just want to take the opportunity to thank you folks who have been answering my questions (including tech support for my tickets). The group seems very active and people willing to help each other. Especially when the questions use newbies ask over and over again. I am also aware there has to be a balance between simply being lazy and asking about everything and trying to nut everything out myself. 


      I do endevour to find the answers myself first but somethimes have trouble locating the relevant documents for my questions.


      A BIG Thank you !!!


      By the way, as I am now starting to actually write some code tat does something, I love the way the PSCOg works. The components are great and it is so easy to re-route the hardware configuration. If you want to do something silly for a quick test (like set up a UART and route it to a pin you connected a LED and use a scope to monitor, you can do it, no longer "stck" with pin functions). I also like being able to hide the functions of pins from outside. It would be difficult to know whethere a pin is being routed to an opamp and being used as a LPF without knowing how the hardware is configured.


      I also find the tools work reliably and effectively (once I got over my initial teething problems that were mainly the beginner idot factor and not the tools).