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    Version Control for Creator




      I have lumped several questions into 1 post to save having multiple posts at once.


      1. Is there any method for hooking Creator into Subversion?


      2. Is there any specific documentation for using watch windows and setting break points on cerain activity in Creator?


      3. I note that C standard often suggest not declaring variables inside header files (using extern), in this case, how do you expose struct to other parts of the program? 


      ie. If I have this declaration in a header file I want to access throughout my program, woldn't I need to have  "extern struct complex_t mycomplexvar;" in the same header file?






      typedef struct




        float : real;


        float : imaginery;


      } complex_t;

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                    http://www.cypress.com/?id=4&rID=38581     Some basic debug info.




          Not aware of any significant in depth docs on debugging.








          http://www.cypress.com/?rID=40547     Video Training Creator, there is some stuff up on ytube as well






          For externals first declare/init structure in main file, then use same definition (no initialization)


          adding keyword external in the other .c file. Thats a pretty common usage.




          Regards, Dana.

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             Just to confirm,


            The struct itself gets placed into a header file of a module but no extern declaration. Then any other module simple declares a variable using the struct but with extern like this.


            Say the struct is in a file called "support.h"


            typedef struct




                int : a;


               int b:


            } simpleype_t;


            Then say in "main.c" or even in "support.c" we have...


            extern struct mytype simpletype_t;

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              I commonly use in a .h file


              struct sComplex (


                  float Realpart;


                  float Imaginary;




              typedef struct sComplex Complex;


              typedef struct sComplex * pComplex;




              when that file is included in any other module I am free to define new variables of type Complex or pointers to that.