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    Modifying generated files

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          I'm trying to modify USB_vdn.c file in generated files (USBFS component).


          Unfortunetly the file keep resetting to original everytime modification are made to the USBFS Hardware component.


          Has anyone encounter this problem?Any workaround since it is very annoying to retype everytime the files reset.


          Thank you.,


          BTW: The forum seem to be broken, cannot use the description space when using Chrome (ie the empty comment above)

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            Do not use chrome, there are issues with the forum sw.


            The generated files will be overwritten, except for some clearly marked places for interrupt handling no modifications should be made. You always may create a completely new component with your own generated files. Can you tell us what the modifications you make are going to perform?





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              Hi Bob,


              I'm just passing through a few varibles  through USB using wValue and wIndex. Nothing to do with interupt though.


              I assume by placing my function between the comment line below, the files will not be overwritten


              * Additional user functions supporting Vendor Specific Requests

              /* `#START VENDOR_SPECIFIC_FUNCTIONS` Place any additional functions here */

              /* `#END` */



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                Yes, that are exactly the places where you may introduce own code. Those additions will survive a rebuild after hardware changes exept when the USBFS component itself is deleted.





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                  Hi Bob,




                  good to know :)


                  I think my mistake was deleting the comment line..oopss.