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    Keil C51 compiler and PSoC 3

      In case somebody does not know, PSoC 3 is based on a C51 core that runs in single cycle execution up to 67 MHz. That is a CPU performance of 67x compared to the original 80C51 running at 12 MHz with 12 cycles / intruction. 


      Just for reference, PSoC 5 is based on a Cortex-M3


      No device is good without supporting tools that create excellent code. Cypress has teamed up with Keil to provide the best 80C51 C-compiler with the most powerful chip with the 80C51 core on the market. Price for the tool?  IT IS FREE!


      You can download PSoC Creator including the Keil C51 compiler from the Cypress website.


      You might wonder if there are any restrictions for the compiler and the answer is "Yes"


      Yeah, now comes the catch. Well, you can only use this implementation with Cypress PSoC 3 devices and the version is 8.16. The IDE is Creator, not uVision because Creator is what you need to create your own chip.


      Hope you like tha fact that you get development tools worth thousands of $$ for free!


      If you have any questions about Cypress and Keil, feel free to ask right here in the forum.


      Have fun exploring the incredible possibilities that PSoC 3 offers with Creator and the Keil C51 compiler


      Cheers, Robert


      More information about Keil and PSoC


      Keil compiler registration


            Keil compiler licensing if one is already installed


      Limit of optimization in the free Keil compiler

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