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    CY7C1079DV33 Fast SRAM Operating Current

      In the datasheet provided here:      http://www.cypress.com/?docID=28938 it lists the Max Operating Current at 250mA.  It says this is over the operating range at Fmax, so certainly a worst-case number.  Is there any information on how this operating current varies with temerature and frequency?

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          Hello ,
          This 250 mA current is the worst case current you will find when there is maximum toggling on the input, I/O pins of the IC.
          For frequency - supply current, hence power consumption increases with freq (P = 1/2 * CL * freq *Vdd^2 )

          It also varies with Temperature.

          If you are interested to get the char data of this device for different frequency and Temperature, we request you to create a case to


          Our team will then work to char the device for different frequencies and Temperatures to provide you the required data.


          Please let us know if  you face any issue while creating the case.

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