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    Creator Enhancement


      It would be welcome when Creator uses a module that requires


      assigned pins, like LCD, that the tool, or datasheet, defines what


      settings are used on the pins. In order to see this now one looks


      into auto generated code, usually the Start(), and wades thru code


      trying to figure out how the pins were set up. It cannot be seen in pin


      view in *.cydwr tab.




      I think I2C also another example of this problem.




      Project datasheet like created in PSOC Designer ?




      Regards, Dana.

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          I can support that request and extend the requirements:


          A customer had to review a board that led into a re-assigning of two pins. Since both versions of the pcb where out in the field the updating became a bit tough although the PSoC "knew" on which board it was seated (versioning). Something like a "Dynamic Associated Pin" like in the Software Transmit UART could have helped him out.


          Using different development kits all the time and pcb's in a prototype stage with LEDs and switches on different pins doesn't make life easy. I would be glad about some help to build a dependancy between a pin-assignment and a project source.





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            Actually a further request is that a sortable "view" of pins in table form where all key


            pin parameters listed for each pin.




            Regards, Dana.

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              I've passed the feedback onto the development team.