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    PID controller from UDB, or other part of fabric?

              Hi everyone, I was curious if it would be possible to implement a PID controller (discrete, z transform formulation) into the PSoC5, via the PLD features it has? I'm really no expert on PLD/FPGA stuff; I think I cracked a VHDL book back in my undergrad days, but that's about it. I'm asking because in this design that I'm doing a virtual prototype for, we use several PID controllers. I'm sure I can implement them on the ARM code, but I'm curious if there is some way to generate a peripheral block that could do the same function, separate from the core? To the point where it could be dropped into the schematic, have software or hardware update triggering, and provide an API for loading and reading out values. That would simplify our design cycle unbelivably, if all the control loops were done in peripheral. If that is possible, and a Cypress app engineer is reading this ... hint hint! But, if anyone savvy could estimate if this is at all possible with the Psoc5lp architecture, please let me know. The *one* advantage of the dsPIC that we're currently using is that it has a fast 3rd order Z-transform general PID controller already in the DSP library. Thanks, Andrew