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    CY8C29466-24PXI MUX Problems

      Hi all,

      I am having problems getting the muxes to work on a CY8C29466-24PXI.  I need to use the diff amps to measure current across a resistor and the pga to measure straight voltages.  My intent is to look at ports 0,1,6,7 and 2 by using a ref 8 mux., running it through and sendit it to the a to d.  3, 4 and 2 are analog outputs.  Also can port 2 from the diff amp be read directly into the pga by acessing port 2 via AMUX8_1, selecting port 2 ?


      I also intend to feed the positive inputs of the diff amp by amux4_1 and amux4_2. 


      Also, how do I clear the blue wires back to default.  Are these interconnects screwing up the a mux operation?  Who wins the routing specified in the scematic or the muxes ?




      Here is expample code of selecting the mux mux8: