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    EZI2Cs : Is it possible to store more than 1 byte in 1 I2C RAM Adress?





      I managed to get the EZI2Cs(lave) to work. However I need it to be configured in a way which allows me to store more than 1 byte in a I2C Ram Adress.




      For example something like this would be neat (modified from the EZI2Cs data sheet):




       <p>struct I2C_Regs {   // Example I2C interface structure

          int status1;      
          int status2;     
      } MyI2C_Regs;</p>

      with status1 fitting entirely into adress 0x00 and status2 entirely fitting into 0x01.


      But instead it will be status1.MSB in 0x00, status1.LSB in 0x01, status2.MSB in 0x02 and status2.LSB in 0x03...


      Is there any way to change it and make a multibyte Variable fit into 1 I2C Ram Adress?




      Thanks in advance  and best regards