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    Move parts from a page to other page

      Hi all, 


      I've made my first project in PSoC 4 with Creator 3 and it works fine. Thx for the great Cypress products.
      My TopDesign-Sheet is now more complex and unclearly, so i will move any parts to another pages.


      It is passible to move goups of parts between pages? 
      For more clearly see the picture (hope it is attched )

          THX for your help   
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          Everything that you mark can be copied or cut-out. Use ctrl-click to mark several objects and / or draw a reckangle around the area to mark. Only components which are completely within the rectangle will be selected. Copied or cut-out objects can be inserted on any other place.





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            Yes, you right click top design tab, create a new blank schematic sheet by picking


            add page.




            Then you can use select tool and select a whole section, then paste onto


            new tab schematic. Followed by a delete of source you selected on original






            Individual components by right click, copy, then paste onto new schematic.


            Then delete source component selected.




            Regards, Dana.

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              An alternative way is to create new blank schematic page.




              Then use "Ctrl + A" on source page to copy entire page, then


              on each respective schematic page delete those components,


              nets you do not want present.




              Useful where page gets so crowded you cannot select simple


              groups of stuff you want to move.




              Regards, Dana.

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                Thank you verymatch for your help.


                I'm almost desperate. Now i have found the problem. I work on a mac with Parallels Desktop and Win XP.
                And when i activate the Paralles Option "Share Mac clipboard", it is impossible to Copy and Paste between pages. In the same page it is no problem.


                No it works as it should.


                THX repsoc