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    Connecting a pin to both an uncommitted op amp and an analog mux (psoc5lp)

       I'm trying to drive a calibration voltage from a VDAC through an op-amp (for higher current drive) and monitor the voltage at the same time (I'm driving a variable load and want to manually compensate it).







      I can't figure out how to get PSoC Creator to let me do this. From a routing perspective it's trivial, I can hand-route it, but I'm wondering if there's a way to do it "normally" and just not seeing it.




      The pin I'm using (bottom left) is the direct output from one of the uncommitted op amps. When I try to generate this design, Creator complains that the op-amp output is only designed to drive one pin. If I try to use an AMUX (with the intention of connecting both "inputs" to the "output", Creator complains that you can't connect the common of a mux to the input of another. If I rotate the AMUX I get similar errors.




      I really don't want to use a "throwaway" pin to feed the signal back. Is there a Creator-sanctioned way to do this?