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    How to use and set up USB in CY3280-20X66 Universal CapSence Controller Kit?

      some day ago, I post a problem of 3280 kit on the USB controller item. I copy the post here:


      We just use the 3280 kit to develop a kind of new HID device, which is very interesting(we can introduce the HID device in other post, if someone interest with it). 


      In the 3280 kit, the explanation in datasheet for CapSecce Wizard is quite perfect, so we can use the CapSence of the kit easily.


      In other hand, we also want to use USB interface in the kit for communiction with a host. We find, ther are also "HID Report Temlate Editor" and " USB setup wizard". However,  when we open the datasheet for the USB, we can not find appropriate instructions for the  " USB setup wizard".


      We are raw hands to use USB, and hope to get expert advice.


      the platform we use is psoc designer 5.4.