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    8_ADC_16Dig_x20kHz_data acquisition module


      Hello. I would like to hear your opinion on this version of data acquisition module:
      I used the ADS7818 as an external ADC.
      Short description:
      Number of analog channels - 8.
      Number of digital channels - 16 (there is the possibility of increasing to 32)
      Frequency of data collection - 20 kHz
      Transmission channel - USBUART.
      It is possible to simulate the ADC data for debugging (in the absence of ADC chips)


      To test the project there is a simple program - an oscilloscope (Win32 only).
      Program features:
      - View up to 8 ADC channels in real time on the screen of the oscilloscope.
      - The ability to synchronize on any analog channel.
      - View 16 channels of digital data on the other screen.