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    ISSP Problem with CY2373 Kit

      Hi, I try make the board of this Kit, but all times I get problem to write ISSP on board


      I try use only minimal components to write ISSP to test but I don´t know what is this configuration,
      I try

      1 - CY8CPLC20 (I have CY8CPLC10 and try with both)
      1 - 32.768Khz Crystal
      2 - 22pf 0603 CAP of the crystal connected to pull-up
      6 - Jumperto to connect:
            1 - Power over PSoC MiniProg (Used)
            2 - Reste over PSoC MiniProg (Used)
            3 - Connect Interrupt (not used)
            4 - SCL Pull Up (Not Used)
            5 - Connect 32.786Khz Crystal pads (not used)* 
            6 - SDA Pull Up (Not Used)


      *I don´t know why, but the board have this option, maybe is because have a 24MHZ crystal connected on external crystal pin of CY8CPLC20/10


      I try write with power cicle and reset, using power of PSoC MiniProg and don't have sucess on both process,
      the msg of Programer is


                                                                   | FAILED! Can not Acquire Device! Please verify the device connection to the Programmer


      Please, check the following items:


       - the connection between the programmer and the PSoC;


       - the correct programming protocol is selected;


       - the correct connector option is selected.


      I don´t know what I want to do to active write by ISSP, I have 3 board assembled with all components and all no make this write program, now I try it on one board(picture added) and I don´t know what is happining with this


      sorry my english pls,