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    Removing EEPROM in Fx2



      I have a development kit EZUSB FX2 from Cypress as shown in the image below:




      I was following the article on getting started with FX2LP,


      but I have ONE BIG PROBLEM now, when I downloaded the FX2lP firmware for Bulkloop example into EEPROM instead of RAM, I cant delete it!

      Windows will no longer prompt Cypress EZ-uSB FX2LP No EEPROm,


      only Cypress USB BulkloopExample, and when I open the USB Control Center, I cant see any device there anymore!, may I know how can I remove the firmware from the EEPROM???


      2nd, question, USB Control Center doesnt detect my device after I write the firmware into the EEPROM or RAM, after I write the firmware using the USB Control Center, it suppose to load the Cypress USB BUlkloop example into the device list, but it doesnt!

      Now, my USB Control center has nothing shows up!


      Please help me..

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          On your board it seems there is no way to disconnect the EEPROM physically either using a switch or something.




          1. I think the device is not binded properly with the drivers. Please check if there is any warning mark on the side of the device in device manager. If so. then manually bind the drivers . please refer the link http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=167&rID=97312


          Once if the drivers are properly binded then you can see the device in control centre.Now you can reprogram the RAM/EEPROM. 




          2. Cyconsole doesnot recognize the device if the device is not binded properly with cysub/cyusb3 drivers.