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    Async SRAM - Migrating From CY7C199D-10VXI (32Kx8)  TO  CY7C1009D-10VXI (128Kx8)


      I'm about to upgrade (and increase) a memory in one of my boards.

      I'm using a CY7C199D-10VXI (32Kx8) and I want to increase the memory to 64Kx8, but I can't found it, so I decide to use a CY7C1009D-10VXI (128Kx8).

      If I want to modify the board the less possible, I'll need to not take care of the numbers of the addres, because both memory seems to have almost the same pin configuration but with very different address lines.

      Do I have total freedom to change the address of this new memory ? I really think that it is ok, and when I read this post I confirmed it. But because the data sheet is numbering the addres, I want to be really sure.

      Apart from that, why there is no any SRAM memory with 64Kx8 ?

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